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How It Works

We clean your bins the day AFTER your trash is emptied!
Leave your bins curbside for us until they are cleaned and ready to be put away. It's that easy!

Your bins are positioned and inspected.

Any contents found in your bin will be removed before cleaning, re-bagged and placed back in your bin once your cleaning is completed.

They are lifted upside down over the pressure washer heads.

The bins are placed over the specially-designed, rotating pressure-washing heads located in the hopper. 

The bins are sprayed with 180°, high-pressure water.

All water and debris from inside your bins is captured and filtered into our holding tank to be disposed of properly at the end of service. The outside of your bin will also be cleaned using a pressure-washing wand.

They are sprayed with an odor neutralizer.

The bins are set down safely, sprayed with a biodegradable disinfectant and an odor-removing liquid. Your cans are now cleaned, sanitized and deodorized!

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