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Homeowner's Associations

Residential Trash Bin Cleaning for Homeowner's Associations

Lacey Bin Wash provides trash, recycle, yard and organic bin cleaning for HOAs, at a discounted rate.
We understand the importance of a clean, healthy neighborhood, and believe trash bins don't have to be an issue. Dirty trash bins can pose potential health risks, not to mention the eyesore and terrible odors that come along with them.
We come to your community with our customized truck, able to clean, sanitize, and deodorize all of your resident's bins in an eco-friendly way. By keeping all the used water on our truck, Lacey Bin Wash is the alternative to dumping water, used to clean bins, into yards, or worse, into our storm drains and out into the streams. This isn't what anyone wants in our communities.
Keeping trash bins out of sight is a requirement for most HOAs. Your bins are stored next to your house, near where you hang out, or in your garage. We eliminate odors. After each bin is cleaned, we use an environmentally safe deodorizer to make sure your bins smell great until the next time we are out refresh them.
Contact us to see how you can add trash bin cleaning into your community.

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