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Eco-Friendly & Hassle-Free

Serving Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater, Yelm, Rainier, Tenino, DuPont, Steilacoom, & Lakewood


Hassle-Free & Fast

Bin cleaning is done the day AFTER your trash pick-up day. The only thing you have to do is leave your bins out until the next day for us. We will send you a text or email reminder to leave them out to ensure your service is not missed!

Bugs & Pesky Rodents

Removes food particles and liquids and their odors that attract various bugs and rodents like mice, rats, racoons, flies & maggots. We also remove spiders and their eggs and webs!

Sanitize & Deodorize

Using extremely hot water and a disinfectant, we are able to kill 99% of bacteria and other harmful viruses. After your bins have been cleaned, we use an eco-friendly deodorizer to keep your bins smelling great!

Eco-Friendly Solution

All of the water used to clean the inside of those nasty bins is contained and stored on our truck and disposed of properly at a water treatment facility. Any solution we use is always a safe and eco-friendly product.

How It Works

We will clean your bins the day AFTER your trash pickup day.
Leave your bins curbside for us until they are cleaned and ready to be put away. It's that easy!


Your bins are positioned and inspected.

Any contents found in your bin will be removed before cleaning, re-bagged and placed back in your bin once your cleaning is completed.


They are lifted upside down over the pressure washer heads.

The bins are placed over the specially-designed, rotating, pressure-washing heads located in the hopper.


The bins are sprayed with 180°, high-pressure water.

All water and debris from inside your bins is captured and filtered into our holding tank to be disposed of properly at the end of service. The outside of your bin will also be cleaned using a pressure-washing wand.


They are sprayed with an odor neutralizer.

The bins are set down safely, sprayed with a biodegradable disinfectant and an odor-removing liquid. Your cans are now cleaned, sanitized and deodorized!

About Me

Locally Owned & Operated

My name is Chad Barnett. I started Lacey Bin Wash in 2021. It all started one hot summer day after a weekend of crabbing. Our trash bins smelled like...well, rotting crab. Two weeks went by and it still smelled like crab. Awful. After some research, I found out that a service to clean our bins isn't offered in our area and I, along with several of our neighbors, would really like to have someone clean our trash bins for us.

A big reason I went into cleaning trash bins is the eco-friendly solution I am able to provide. If you clean your bins yourself, the dirty trash water goes into your grass or right down the street drain and into our streams. I didn't know of a better way to get them cleaned without that happening. My specially made truck keeps all that water on-board, so I can safely drop it off at a water treatment site. Easy!

Lacey Bin Wash is meant to be the hassle-free, eco-friendly solution to keep your trash bins fresh, sanitized and smelling great every time you open them. Interested? Fill out the Request Service form and we will be in touch soon!

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